Trainer Spotlight


Coach: Marco Sanchez

In shape 👉🏻not in shape 👉🏻getting back in shape

This is really difficult for me to share.

A lasting change takes time.


These past 5 years have been the most challenging years of my adult life. I have invested myself to new and terrifying things. I found out that I was gonna be a father only months after starting my own business. The weight of having to provide for a family while not knowing what my income would be was overwhelming. The fear of not knowing how to raise a child and not knowing what to expect paralyzed me. Asking April to trust that I would take care of our family while not knowing for sure that the business would succeed made me feel like a fraud and a failure.

I made a lot of choices that cost me my mental, physical, and emotional health because I thought that the payout would be worth it. I can’t say that there hasn’t been a payout but it wasn’t the one I expected and in the end the cost was more than I expected. I lost myself in the process and lost many people I value along the way. It’s too late for regret, what’s done is done. Losing myself resulted in shattered relationships, broken dreams, decline in overall health. Nobody is immune to adversity and I am sharing this with you hopeful that it may inspire a change in your life or someone’s life close to you before it’s too late.

My point is that it can happen to all of us. After starting my own business I prioritized differently, I made excuses and felt sorry for myself. These are things that we are all capable of and if we allow ourselves to engage in those behaviors the result will always be the same. Your mental, emotional, and physical health WILL decline.

I just decided one day not long ago that enough was enough, I had put everything and everyone before myself. Giving myself permission to focus on my personal goals again has been the most liberating experience I’ve had in a long time. This time I have been strategic, discreet, and aggressive with my efforts. Goals are fragile, don’t just put up the goal, the plan, and the commitment out in to the world. That creates pressure and makes the goal daunting.


Keep your goals quite, work consistently day in and day out and most importantly practice patience, that was key for me.

Knowing that it wasn’t gonna be a fast change, accepting that I am not the same person I was 6 years ago and that I had to start from where I was right now grounded me. I’ve had a tough time pushing through a lot of negative thoughts but by reminding myself to just take it one day at a time I’ve been able to make it here. Every time I workout I visualize myself pushing away from the things that have weighed me down and getting a little closer to the things I want in my life.

Live your life, accept your current truth, it’s the only way to make a real and lasting change. Or don’t do any of it, I’m not your guru. I’m just a guy that struggles like everyone else hoping to inspire one other person that is hurting and broken like I was. Have a great weekend, I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my story with you.

Thank you for reading please share this with someone that you love and that you miss. Knowing that there are people that love you and believe in you is powerful medicine. Understanding where someone is at mentally without judgement and being a pillar for them to lean on can make all the difference.