Trainer Spotlight


Name: Marco Sanchez

Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Group Exercise Instructor

Strength and conditioning
Athletic performance
Weight management

“Exercise saved my life”

I was never the biggest or fastest kid in school, I was bullied for a long time and it did away with my self-confidence. As time passed I grew more reserved and eventually depressed. One day I started doing push ups in my room, then crunches, and bicep curls. By the time I turned 17 I was working out twice a day, the satisfaction that I felt after finishing a workout was unlike anything else I had ever felt before. Seeing that same satisfaction on our member’s faces after they’ve finished their first half marathon or after they achieve a personal best on their squat is amazing! Health and fitness isn’t just my job, it is my life. Helping as many people as possible live happier more fulfilled lives is my mission.